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Second life: Vores genanvendelsesprogram

Siden 2010 har Gerflor udbudt programmet Second Life. I samarbejde med Paprec (Frankrig) giver Gerflor erhvervskunder og distributører mulighed for at indsamle alle typer belægningsrester, så disse kan genanvendes og genbruges i fremstillingsprocessen. For øget værdiudnyttelse tilbyder Gerflor også løsninger til opsamling af fjernede limede gulvbelægninger.

The Second Life program is...


A tailor-made program

A personalized study and tailor-made contracts
Containers adapted to your collection volumes
and the space available in your company



Free collection of your own waste
Saving you money on landfill costs
(€120/T on average)



The program and information sent by Gerflor
are certified by Eucertplast
(European recyclers certification)
Ensuring transparency, traceability
and good environmental practices



One point of contact with a dedicated Gerflor advisor for each step of your project.
All Gerflor PVC products and other brands are included.
NB: soiled products (with glue and patching) that have been removed are subject to specific collection.


A competitive advantage for your business

Compliance with the legal framework and HQE requirements
Strengthening your technical file in the context of calls for tenders
A responsible image and demonstration of commitment to good citizenship for your company and your construction sites

Gerflor, France's leader in recycling

Gerflor has invested in a specific sector dedicated to the recycling of vinyl flooring.

Floor to Floor
Gerflor and Paprec have teamed up to create Floor to Floor. This joint venture collects and sorts installation and production waste and forwards it to the recycling center.

Saint Paul Trois Châteaux (Drôme) recycling center
Integrated into the production line, this recycling center enables recycled materials to be incorporated into all the new products at the plant.


Recycling "clean" waste

Waste from clean installations, non-adhesive flooring that has been removed, old stock, samples

What should I do?

  1. Contact your Trade Commissioner or call 0 810 569 569
  2. After signing the contract, you will receive a certificate of commitment to be used as evidence of your willingness to act.
  3. You will also receive the initial endowment: placards, a bundle to help with sorting and labeled containers.
  4. When the containers are full, you will request removal from your contact. You will then receive some new, empty containers.
  5. At the end of your contract, Gerflor will send you the past year's balance sheet detailing the tonnage collected.


Go to our FAQ on the second life program

Collection overview

  1. I sign the commitment contract with Gerflor
  2. I receive the containers and sorting device
  3. I install and recover my waste
  4. I sort according to category 1 and category 2
  5. I inform Gerflor as soon as the containers are full
  6. Gerflor organizes the collection and delivery of new, empty containers
Recycling "glued" waste

Glue-down floors that have been removed

Quelle démarche dois-je faire ?

  1. Contactez votre délégué commercial ou le 0 810 569 569
  2. The Gerflor specialist must confirm whether the customer’s geographical location allows for a solution to be implemented.
  3. If this is the case, they will put the client in contact with Kalei (professional union of PVC flooring) who will manage the contract via the PVC Next program.
  4. After signing the contract between Kalei and the client, the client brings his waste to the dedicated center. He will pay according to the weight of the waste.
  5. At the beginning of the year, Kalei will send you the previous year's balance sheet: tonnage and number of containers collected.
Gerflor ved din side

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